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Are you a startup or small business in Paris? Are you seeking or wanting to attract new clients? Are you organizing social events and meetings? Do you want to have better publicity for your association? Do you want to get greater brand visibility? If so, you might want to get recognized by the leading magazine for the expatriate community in Paris. During the summer of 2016 the Expatriates Magazine is running a complete campaign including web, social & print elements to identify the Best in Paris companies, services and experiences. People can select from one of 200 categories and vote for the best of the nominees. Voting ends on August 5, 2016.

Expatriates Magazine is the leading magazine for the expatriate community in Paris and Ile-de-France. Expatriates are people of one nationality who are living in a different country for a specific period of time. Often they are people here in France for their jobs, careers, education or even settling down for the long-term by marrying and having a family.

The English-speaking expatriate community is particularly vibrant especially among Americans, British, Canadians, Irish, Australian but also English-speakers from a wide variety of countries and nationalities. There are also French nationals and francophones who are strongly interested in being part of the international community and are actively involved. Many businesses, restaurants, associations, schools, Meetup groups, social events, publications, shops, blogs, Facebook pages and other social media have been specifically set up to cater for this large community (estimated at over 1 million) spread throughout Paris and Ile-de-France.

To reach this very diverse and often very hidden population it can be very hard for small businesses and startups. One way is to get greater recognition using the power of integrated and very popular publications which use both social media and also publish physical hardcopy magazines available in a wide range of places.

So, how can you get nominated and obtain votes?

  1. Go to the website and check to see if you have been nominated. You can do a simple search on the top right of the screen
  2. If you are there, congratulations as someone has nominated you.
  3. If you are not there, then send a message to nominate yourself. You will need to choose the most appropriate category or categories that best for you (a maxiumum of three is permitted). There are currently over 200 category possibilities. Be sure that it is a category that best suits your activity. Aim to be in a category that has fewer nominees.
  4. You can then use all the channels available to you (email, newsletter, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup and your other social media channels) to share your nomination and encourage voting by your friends, family, suppliers, clients, employees and supporters. Your votes do not have to live in France or, indeed, in Paris. Encourage your voters to share the nomination category link to get greater visibility and higher number of votes. I would recommend that you do your promotions as often as possible as there is a limited time to get your votes.

How long will the campaign last?

Voting began on June 25, 2016 and will run to August 5, 2016.

How many votes has there been since June 25?

As of July 28 there have been 17,400 votes.

Can nominees be disqualified?

Yes, if unusually high voting patterns are detected from an IP address.Here is an example:

Following an investigation into this category, an abnormal influx of votes have been flagged. As a result of the multiple votes originating from IP Address: – Nanterre over a short space of time the nominee concerned has been removed.  

What will be the outcome?

Once the 2016 Best of Paris campaign has ended, the expatriate community will be aware of which companies, individuals, service providers…..have been voted the best within their category.

The winners of each category will remain online until the 2017 campaign and become the reference point for their category. They will also be featured in the Best of Paris 2016 (Expatriates Magazine) print edition in September 2016 which will be distributed in 150 schools, embassies, corporations and public outlets. Selected winners will also be chosen to apear on the cover of the magazine.

Winners will also receive a printed badge to display on their establishment window. There will also be heavy promotion on the social media channels of Expatriates Magazine.

Some runners up will receive a notable mention and receive a web badge to show visitors that they have been voted the best in their category by the international community.

My Voting Recommendations

I am recommending the following for voting in the Best of Paris Campaign:

About Expatriates Magazine

Created in 2014 Expatriates Magazine is the main print publication for English-speaking residents in Paris and Ile-de-France. More than 6,000 copies are distributed to 150 schools, businesses, embassies and public outlets. The publication provides entertainment, practical information and life stories. The publication fits inside a portfolio of services serving the expatriate community and clients, including various websites, social media groups, print products and events which have allowed the group to become one of the largest providers of information to the expatriate community in Paris.

Email address:


Distribution Points:

Downloading Issues:

Editor-in-Chief: Kevin Knight

Key figures (July 2016)

  • 6,000 printed copies distributed to 150 locations
  • Expatriates Magazine (Facebook): +9,900 likes
  • Expatriates in Paris (Facebook): +19,800 members
  • Jobs in Paris (Facebook): +24,400 members
  • RoomMates in Paris (Facebook): +9,600 members
  • Classifieds in Paris (Facebook): +8,200 members
  • Expatriates in Paris (Meetup): +3,600 members

200 Nominating Categories

Best Activity for Kids, Best App, Best Arrondissement, Best Art Class, Best Artisan, Best Association for Expats, Best Babysitting Agency, Best Bagel, Best Bakery Outside of Paris, Best Bank, Best Bar for Cocktail and Bite, Best Bar to Cut Loose with a Great Cocktail, Best Bar to Dance, Best BBQ, Best Beer Produced, Best Bollywood Dance School, Best Brunch, Best Burger, Best Burrito, Best Business Acceleration Program, Best Business School, Best Cabaret, Best Café for Bio, Best Café in a Design Shop, Best Café in a Museum, Best Christmas Market, Best Co-Working Space, Best Cocktail Bar (Hidden Gem), Best Cocktail Bar, Best Coffee, Best Comedy in English, Best Community Organization, Best Complementary Therapist, Best Concept Store, Best Concierge Service, Best Cooking School, Best Country Club, Best Cultural Spot for Kids, Best Day Trip, Best Department Store, Best Dog Friendly Park, Best Driving School, Best Electrical Store, Best English Language Bookshop, Best English Speaking Hairdresser, Best Expat Blog, Best Expat Business, Best Expat Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Expat Event in Paris, Best Facebook Page for Paris, Best Facial, Best Fashion Blogger, Best Fashion Photographer, Best Festival, Best Food Delivery Service, Best Foreign Chain, Best Forest to go Hiking around Paris, Best Free Activity, Best French Bookshop, Best French Language School, Best French Tutor, Best Green Space for Kids, Best Gym, Best Hair Colorist, Best Headhunter, Best Hot Chocolate, Best Independent Cinema, Best Indian Restaurant, Best Indoor Activity for Kids, Best Innovative Service in Paris For English Speakers, Best Irish Pub, Best Job Website, Best Juice Bar, Best Karaoke, Best Kosher Restaurant, Best Kosher Supermarket, Best Language Exchange Community or Event, Best Laundrymat, Best Makeup Artist, Best Market in Paris for Arts and Antiques, Best Marketing in Paris for Food and Drink, Best Market in Paris for Organic Product, Best Massage, Best Means of Transport to CDG Airport, Best Meeting Spot, Best Meetup Group, Best Mobile Phone Operator, Best Museum, Best Music Festival, Best Music Teacher, Best Musical, Best Online Directory for Expats, Best Open Air Activity, Best Paris Book, Best Paris Instagram, Best Picnic Location, Best Place to find a Rental, Best Place to Propose, Best place to Walk with Kids, Best Playground, Best Primary/Elementary School, Best Primary/Elementary School in the Suburbs, Best Psychologist in Paris (English Speaking), Best Pub Quiz, Best Quirky Bar, Best Radio Show (English Language), Best Radio Station (Foreign Language), Best Removal Company, Best Rental Agency, Best Reoccurring Event Hosted by an Expat, Best Restaurant in a Museum, Best Rooftop, Best Salsa Night, Best Shopping Center, Best Social Enterprise, Best Source for Paris News, Best Spa, Best Sporting Event, Best Sports Bar, Best Sports Store, Best Stadium, Best Startup by an Expat, Best Supermarket, Best Support Group, Best Tapas, Best Tattoo Parlor, Best Terrace (Hidden), Best Terrace, Best Theatre Bar, Best Theatre Group, Best Theme Park around Paris, Best Tour, Best Vegetarian Restaurant, Best Vintage Clothing Shop, Best Volunteering Opportunity, Best Wedding Photographer, Best Wedding Planner, Best Wedding Venue, Best Wine Bar, Best Woman Network, Best Workshop for Kids, Best Writers Group, Best Yoga, Best Young Parisienne Designer


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